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  1. Bullet01 King & Queen 'dreaming
    (©A.Abbamonte/A.Griffiths)  24 seconds sample

  1. Bullet07 Brucia La Terrathe Godfather love theme’ 
    (©N.Rota/G.Rinaldi)  27 seconds sample

  1. Bullet02 I Transform
    (©A.Abbamonte) 24 seconds sample

  1. Bullet03 Notte & Giorno
    (©A.Abbamonte/W.French)  23 seconds sample

  1. Bullet04 Sfo
    (©D.O'Loughlin)  19 seconds sample

  1. Bullet05 Love 4 Sale
    (©C. Porter)  32 seconds sample

  1. Bullet06 Luck & Love
    (©A.Abbamonte)  25 seconds sample

  1. Bullet08 Pop
    (©A. Wickett)  22 seconds sample

  1. Bullet09 Vito 'I could have loved you more'
    (©A.Abbamonte)  24 seconds sample

  1. Bullet10 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat ‘live’
    (©C.Mingus/J.Mitchell)  31 seconds sample

Album Credits:

1. KING & QUEEN `dreaming’ (© A. Abbamonte/A. Griffiths)produced, arranged & mixed by G. Nuzzo aka DJ Pippi,
C. Bianco, G. Tuccillo, E. Lucci.

I TRANSFORM (© A. Abbamonte) inspired by L. Battisti, produced & arranged by T.J Rehmi, additional production & string arrangements by J. Cotton, mixed by T.J Rehmi & Jon Cotton.

(© A. Abbamonte/W. French), featuring William French on electric bass, produced, arranged & mixed by J. Cotton.

SFO (© D. O’Loughlin), featuring Bryan Corbett on trumpet & flugelhorn, bass idea by T.J Rehmi, produced, arranged & mixed by J. Cotton & A. Abbamonte.

(© C. Porter)featuring Alvin Davis on flute & all other horns, Roger Inniss on double bass, Hugh Graham on percussion, Basil Gabbidon on acoustic guitar, Jonathan Crust on keyboard, produced & arranged by A. Abbamonte & A. Davis, mixed by A. Abbamonte,  A. Davis & R.Thompson.

(© A. Abbamonte), featuring Roger Inniss on acoustic and fretless bass, Bryan Corbett on trumpets and flugelhorn, Richard Sealy aka Joe Lobi on berimbau & all folkloric percussion, Antima Abbamonte on shakers & cabassa, produced & arranged by B. Corbett & A. Abbamonte. Mixed by T.J Rehmi.

BRUCIA LA TERRA ‘The Godfather’s Love Theme’ (© N. Rota / G. Rinaldi),  English translation by A. Abbamonte,  featuring Graeme Hamilton on trumpet, T.J Rehmi on electric & sitar guitars, produced, arranged by A. Abbamonte, A. Griffiths , additional arrangements by T.J Rehmi, mixed by D. Sprigg.

8. POP
(© A. Wickett) , featuring Roberto Dell’Era on bass, electric guitar & backing vocals, Miles Levin on drums, Richard Sealy aka Joe Lobi on berimbau & all folkloric percussion, Andrew Bland on keyboard, additional backing vocals by Yasmin Alexander , produced, arranged & mixed by A. Abbamonte, R. Dell’Era & D. Sprigg.

‘I could have loved you more’ (© A. Abbamonte), produced, arranged & mixed by A. Griffiths.

bonus track GOODBYE PORK PIE HAT ‘live in the studio’ (© C. Mingus /J. Mitchell), featuring Mike Green on double bass, Trevor Davies on guitar, Miles Levin on drums, Bryan Corbett on trumpet & flugelhorn, Alvin Davis on sax & flute, produced & arranged by B. Corbett & A. Abbamonte, additional arrangements & mixed by T.J Rehmi.

Track 7/9 master & edit by Andrea Borgato at STRONGROOM STUDIOS London UK.
Track 1/2/3/4/5/6/8/10 master & edit by
Denis Blackham at SKYE MASTERING STUDIOS, Isle Of Skye UK.
Track 7/8 recorded by
Dann Sprigg at DEP INTERNATIONAL STUDIOS  Birmingham UK.
Track 3/4 recorded by
Jon Cotton at ARTISAN AUDIO STUDIOS Birmingham UK.
Track 2 recorded by
T.J Rehmi at FRANTIC STUDIOS & by J. Cotton at ARTISAN AUDIO STUDIOS Birmingham UK,
Track 9 recorded by
Andrew Griffiths at FM REVOLVER STUDIOS & AKA STUDIOS Wolverhampton UK,
Track 1 recorded by
Ciro Bianco at IKL STUDIOS Ibiza SPAIN,
Track 5 recorded by
Alvin Davis at HORNBLOWER STUDIOS Birmingham UK,
Track 6/10 recorded by
Bryan Corbett at THE PEACH HOUSE STUDIOS & mixed at THE MOOD N BASS LAB Birmingham UK.

All vocals by Lupa except where stated. Executive producer Lupa. This is a Lupamusic Production.

Lupa is Antima Abbamonte ;-)

Unauthorised copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring or rental of this recording prohibited. The copyright of this sound recording is owned by Antima Abbamonte of
Lupamusic. (P)2005/2014 LUPAMUSIC.
All rights of the producers and of the owner of this recorded work reserved.

CD front cover photo by
Michael Horseman, artwork by Ed Delemere.

Special thanks go to all the lovely names listed in the credits of this album. Your unique talents have been my strongest inspiration. Thank you again for your patience, support but most of all your wonderful work.
I strongly believe in the law of opposites therefore I would like to take this opportunity to also thank all the people who never believed in this project. Without their discouragement I would have never aimed higher.
House Of Blue is dedicated to my late brother Vito Abbamonte. (1961-1995). R.I.P